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Jill Woodward using the Krause etching press

Sudbourne Park Printmakers is a group of 30 artists. We are based in a well equipped workshop in rural Suffolk and produce a diverse range of exciting work using a wide range of printmaking techniques. We exhibit together in Suffolk twice a year and as individual artists in many different venues across the UK.

The workshop in Bothy Yard lies in a parkland setting one mile from Orford on the Suffolk coast.

Sudbourne Printmaking workshop provides well equipped facilities for artists and anyone wishing to develop their skills and knowledge of all the traditional techniques in etching and relief printing.

We offer membership, with technical support, for one day a week over three ten-week terms a year, and in addition we run six two-day courses in etching and woodcut printmaking. We also run an all day workshop for local school children.

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Gill Bedson using the big Columbian press

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Jen Hall on the Kimber press

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